Definitions for "Hearing Officer"
Also known as a “Master”, a Hearing Officer is an attorney appointed by the Court who is authorized, under the Juvenile Act, to conduct delinquency and dependency hearings. Hearing Officers’ decisions can be appealed to a Juvenile Court Judge.
A person appointed to oversee a panel sitting in judgment on a case brought by the Department of Enforcement under the NASD Code of Procedure.
An administrative law judge, a panel of the SEC C ommissioners that is less than a quorum, an individual Commissioner, or any other person that is authorized to preside at a hearing. 17 CFR 101. 201(a)(5). In practice, the hearing officer will most usually be an administrative law judge. The hearing officer possesses discretionary sanction powers over contemptuous conduct, deficient filings, and the failure to make required filings or cure deficient filings.
The representative(s) of Illinois State University or of its governing body who is delegated authority for hearing/resolving a grievance at a specified level of grievance processing. Ethics and Grievance
An employee of the Workers' Compensation Board who holds hearings and writes decisions which resolve disputes between workers and employers.