Definitions for "Healthy diet"
Keywords:  diet, plenty, eat, nutrient, ample
a balanced and varied diet that includes
a balanced diet - focusing on carbohydrates alone skews that balance
a balanced one, which means eating the right amount of different foods
a key component to a healthy lifestyle
a key factor in diabetes management
a key factor in longevity and health
Keywords:  i'm, conscious
a must as I'm very health conscious
Keywords:  haveit, your, you
a must if you haveit could be affecting your health
Keywords:  soccer, aspiring, highest, aid, living
an aid to good living and a must for anyone aspiring to play soccer at the highest level
a crucial part of
an essential part of arthritis help programs
an integral part of creating a toned body, especially for women
Keywords:  matter, complicated, balance
a complicated matter
a matter of balance
Keywords:  luxury, afford, finds, families, report
a luxury many UK families cannot afford, shows a new report, that finds
Keywords:  point, reference
a point of reference