Definitions for "Headspace"
(Verschlussabstand): The space available for the cartridge between the face of the breechblock and the part of the chamber that keeps the cartridge from going forward. A critical dimension.
The distance from the face of the closed breech of a firearm to the surface in the chamber on which the cartridge case seats.
The fit of a cartridge in a chamber measured as the distance from breech face to that part of the chamber which stops the cases forward movement. Insufficient headspace hinders complete chambering; excessive headspace permits case stretching or separation.
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space left at the top of a container to let foods expand as they freeze.
the gap between the surface of food in a container and the underside of the lid.
The space between the level of the contents in the neck of a container and the closure. It is intended to furnish room for expansion of product due to heat or other action after packing.
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Headspace is the debut album by Pulse Ultra. It was released on July 16 2002 under the Atlantic label.
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The vapor mixture trapped above a solid or liquid in a sealed vessel.
the volume between the top of the sample and the top of the sample container where the hydrocarbon sample is collected.