Definitions for "Heading"
The extension of a line ruffling above the line of stitch.
The top of a curtain, drapery, valance, or balloon shade, finished with tape, ties, rings, or other treatments, which hangs from a rod or pole. Headings range from simple, unpleated tabs to handmade pleats backed by hooks. They are often made using decorator tape to form pinch pleats or gathered headings.
The top of a rod-pocket curtain which forms a ruffle when the curtain is on a rod. The pleated portion of a pinch-pleated drapery.
The direction one is traveling.
The compass direction in which a vessel is pointed at any given moment.
The compass direction in which the longitudinal axis of the aircraft points.
As part of your HTML, the heading section should contain content rich text that includes your best keywords. The Heading is given primary consideration by many of the major search engines.
Many search engines give extra weight and importance to the text found inside HTML heading sections. It is generally considered good advice to use headings when designing web pages and to place keywords inside headings.
A paragraph style that is displayed in a typeface larger than normal text. Also, in book publishing, heading describes any kind of display type. In addition, heading can be the extra large bold copy, which usually appears above an article or advertisement that summarizes the message. Heading is also used in reference to a standing head. This is the tag that identifies the regularly appearing departments in periodicals. See also DISPLAY TYPE KICKER SUBHEAD
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A gallery, drift, or adit in a mine; the vein above a drift.
The end of a drift or gallery; also, the working face at the end of a tunnel, gallery, drift, or adit from which the work is advanced.
A vein above a drift. An interior level or airway driven in a mine. In longwall workings, a narrow passage driven upward from a gangway in starting a working in order to give a loose end.
The emergence or coming out of the panicle from the flag leaf sheath.
Growth stage of the rice plant marked by emergence of the panicle from the boot.
The usually heavier material sown along the hoist of the flag. The heading enables the flag to be fastened. It usually contains either a rope or grommets to connect with a halyard, but may form a sleeve to slip over a pole.
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the title or caption that explains the theme of a layout
The word or phrase used as the description of a given class. Also called "caption."
(DDC). See caption .
A word, or phrase placed at the top of a catalog entry or index to indicate some special aspect of the material such as author, subject, title, etc.
head A word, phrase, SENTENCE or number of sentences expressing the theme that is written about below it.
An access point on a bibliographic record, assigned during the cataloging process: author (name), subject heading (controlled vocabulary), series, or uniform title; most are under authority control; local headings in designated MARC fields might or might not be controlled.
Heading is a manufacturing process involving the use of a header. This process may or may not involve upsetting or extruding. A part made from wire below the recrystallization temperature is said to be cold headed whereas parts made from wire above the recrystallization temperature are said to be hot headed.
The manipulation of wire, rod or bar stock in dies to form parts that generally contain portions that are greater in cross-sectional area than the original wire, rod or bar. Basically, heading is the creation of a head on a metal part via cold form molding.
Alternating fluid slugs separated by gas which causes pressure variation at wellhead.
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Propelling the ball by hitting it with your head.
Using the head, preferably the forehead, to propel or trap the ball.
Using the player's upper forehead to move the ball, either to another team member or to the goal, when the ball comes towards them high through the air.
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Material for the heads of casks, barrels, etc.
The pieces of lumber from which a keg or barrel head is cut.
A classification that any given resource may have. In the wine demo, the heading "White Zinfandel" (in the facet "Varietal") applies to the Beringer 2000 White Zinfandel, and applies to other wines as well.
When the dog moves in front of the sheep to stop their progress. Most stockdogs instinctively head off individuals and attempt to keep the sheep in a group.
The form attached to the top of a well log which supplies and documents all vital information and supplementary data regarding the well, the survey, and the wellbore conditions.
a part of survey that denotes a group of Questions in a survey and what they have in common
(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
In SQL*Plus, text that names an output column, appearing above the column.
A word or group of words that describe a business, product or service that customers engage in or purchase. It is used in the Yellow Pages to categorize advertisers in a given line of business. In-column ad Ad units placed alphabetically within a column under an appropriate heading, regardless of size.
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Cutting a currently growing or one-year-old shoot back to a bud, or cutting an older branch or stem back to a stub or lateral branch not large enough to become the leader. Heading should rarely be used on mature trees.
cutting away a portion of the terminal growth of a branch; it may be an upright branch or one growing laterally.
The heading of your Web page is used to identify what page your visitor is currently viewing. For instance, see the heading highlighted below
A larger size of font that highlights main topics or ideas on a Web page.
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A trimming having, on one or both edges, cut or looped weft threads, which extend substantially beyond the width of the warp threads to form a decorative edge. The threads forming the fringe are sometimes bunched or knotted together to increase the decorative effect
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That which stands at the head; title; as, the heading of a paper.
an identifier or title for use on tables, maps and plots.
The title, subtitle or topic for the information that follows.
in a letter includes information about the sender’s organization, address and phone number, usually in the form of letterhead printed on the paper. Personal names are not included in headings.
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a roadway driven in coal or rock which has only one entrance/exit.
a component of the financial perspective (FP)
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an attribute that each bottle of wine might have
a set of attributes
In this context, a data element intended to be used in a browse index (eg a name or subject term)
A preferred name or term. Types of headings include proper name headings (which can be called identifiers), subject headings, and terms. A heading may include a qualifier.
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That end of a stone or brick which is presented outward.
Keywords:  axis, rotation, around
Rotation around the Z-axis
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a label for data, not data
a catch line that describes the subject matter of a particular component of your regulations
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a method of scoring, passing, or controlling the ball by making contact with the head.
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a description of some content
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The actual course of the vessel at any given time.
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The act or state of one who, or that which, heads; formation of a head.