Definitions for "Haystack"
Keywords:  irish, hay, conical, oast, haycocks
A stack or conical pile of hay in the open air.
A conical 19thC measure used in Irish taverns with a stepped neck, and usually of pewter; English versions are slightly different in form and of brass or copper. They are also known as haycocks or harvesters.
a big pile of hay
A standing wave with a tumbling crest.
A large standing wave caused by deceleration of current.
a big, unstable standing wave
a metaphor for earthly fame, wealth and desires that are transitory, corrupting and of insignificant value
Keywords:  rdf, mit, adenine, semantic, aware
Haystack is a Personal Information Manager developed at MIT, based on Semantic Web standards. It is developed in a RDF-aware dynamic language, Adenine, built for this project on top of Java.
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a beautiful thing