Definitions for "Hashing"
The method by which items are placed into, and retrieved from, a file. Each item-id is put through a hashing algorithm that mathematically determines which group in the file to look for, or put, an item. An alternate to the industry-standard ISAM (Incredibly Slow Access Method).
The process in which the position of a record is determined through the use of a mathematical computation to produce an address where the unique key field is stored.
a method of looking up keys that often has complexity O(1), and is based on computing the place to lookup by applying some function to the key value
A method of organizing symbol information in tables that allows them to be searched for quickly.
A method by which a large number of memory records are stored and can then be efficiently searched. This is accomplished through the use of a tailored index that organizes the memory records. This arrangement of records is called a hash table.
A process that help generate aliases for long file names. For instance, Windows NT uses a hashing process to generate characters three through five of the file name, after it encounters four file names having the same first six characters and extension.
the process of taking "digital fingerprints" of data to validate authenticity.