Definitions for "HASH"
This is a small, fixed length value generated by a function that has the property that different values for the data result in different hash values. The hash is encrypted using a private key to create the digital signature.
A one-way algorithm which maps or translates one set of bits into another (generally smaller) in such a way that the algorithm yields the same hash results every time for the same message, and it is computationally infeasible for a message to be reconstituted from the hash result. Also, two different messages cannot produce the same hash results.
A single numerical value that is calculated from a specified set of data using a hashing algorithm. Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP) uses the hash values calculated from a requested URL and the names of the ISA Server computers in an array, to determine the specific ISA Server computer to which a client request is routed.
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a hound and hare run
a non-competitive cross-country or road run, following a marked trail, suitable for people of all ages and persuasions, and set by one or more runners called HARES
a pub crawlish type of event where a person called a 'hare' runs ahead of a 'pack' of people and sets a trail with flour or chalk
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That which is hashed or chopped up; meat and vegetables, especially such as have been already cooked, chopped into small pieces and mixed.
To chop into small pieces; to mince and mix; as, to hash meat.
From the French hatcher, which means "to chop," hash is a dish of chopped meat, usually roast beef or corned beef, combined with vegetables and seasonings and sautéed until lightly browned. It is frequently served with a sauce or gravy.
a data fingerprint - a tiny set of bytes that represents the uniqueness of a much larger block of bytes
a digital fingerprint that uniquely identifies a program or file
a fingerprint of the file used in the Gnutella network to identify files
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a convenient mechanism for storing this mapping
a data structure in PERL that is comparable to associated arrays in other programming and scripting languages
a data structure, not unlike an array in that it can hold any number of values and retrieve them at will
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a British cross-country fun run between public houses with beer drinking forfeits
a running group made up of locals and expats
1) the Hash House Harriers, as in "I run with the hash"; 2) an individual kennel, as in "I run with the New York Hash"; 3) the actual event, as in "I'm hashing tonight".
a collection of scalar data with individual elements selected by some index value
a collection of scalars, but each element can be named rather than numbered as it would be in a list
a mapping from scalar to scalar, just like e
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a mess, and a mess is a muddle
a computation that generates a number based on some input data
a cryptographic function that creates a small summary or digest of a large amount of data
a function that digests information
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Hash McBrown is the central character in the 2005 comedy Hash, a film directed by Scott Innes and written by Innes & Daniel Smith, who also stars along with Lisa Walker, Richard Wright and Adam Young. The film is narrated by Stephen Fry.
A very coarse texturing of the sound, characterized by a sharp-edged, spiky roughness. Caused by severe distortion with strong transient content, as from a grossly mistracking phono cartridge.
A new mixture of old matter; a second preparation or exhibition.
smoking mixture that varies by region. It is primarily associated with resin obtained from Middle Eastern or Indian marijuana
purified resinous extract of the hemp plant; used as a hallucinogen
an ideal mechanism to store the mapping between C and Perl
a Perl construct that allows a programmer to create one-to-one associations between a variable, or "key," and its value
A hash, which is a primitive data type in Perl, is not so in Java. Rather, there is a class that represents a hash (actually, there are 3 variations) that can be used in order to gain the functionality of a hashtable. Check out this node for a more complete description of using a hash in Java.
cut 'into small pieces
Numerous, small indications appearing on the oscilloscope of the ultrasonic instrument indicative of many small inhomogeneities in the material or background noise. Also referred to as grass.
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Drugs Homegrown Drugs
A term for audible radio interference.
A type of electrical interference produced by man-made devices, particularly those which experience arcing as contacts open and close. Automotive voltage regulators and power-supply vibrators are two common examples.
a dictionary surrounded by curly braces
a transformation which is simple to do, but difficult to undo
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There is no definition for this word -- nobody knows what hash is.
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In git's context, synonym to object name.
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a new form of variable that we haven't learned yet
a variable that can do that
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Hit House Mail
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storm deposits
Abbreviated term for cryptographic hash.
a set of successively more specific look-up tables, dividing the data into smaller and smaller subsets
a condensed version of the information
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Refers to school work, to the times when it is done, and to a school class. From it arises HASH ROOM.
(Internet Directory Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
Unix command that prints the location information for the commands found.
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hash table
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a program manager