Definitions for "Harvey"
Harvey is a fictional character on the science fiction television show Farscape. He is a neural clone of Scorpius and exists solely in the head of John Crichton. He is played by Wayne Pygram.
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Harvey is a lunar impact crater that is located on the far side of the Moon from the Earth. It lies astride the eastern rim of the much larger Mach crater, and the outer of Harvey extends part way across the interior floor. Some distance to the north of Harvey is the Joule crater, and equally far to the east-southeast is Kekulé crater.
Harvey is an easy to install, GPL web based classroom and publishing system including: web based news; threaded discussions; web page creation and upload using Netscape Composer; web based file management; web based photo publishing; and more.
Harvey is software that makes it easy for groups of people to communicate by posting Web pages, pictures, news, and threaded discussions to a shared server. It is targeted at schools but can be used in all kinds of settings, and includes HTTP upload, HTTP publishing using Netscape Composer, and software that automatically sizes pictures for the Web.
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Renfaire. See Privie Monster
English physician and scientist who described the circulation of the blood; he later proposed that all animals originate from an ovum produced by the female of the species (1578-1657)