Definitions for "Harvester"
someone who helps to gather the harvest
a client application that issues OAI-PMH requests
A client application operated by a service provider as a means of collecting metadata from repositories, here defined as network accessible servers that can process the 6 OAI-PMH requests (GetRecord?, Identify, ListIdentifiers?, ListMetadatFormats?, ListRecords?, ListSets?). An acceptable alternative to OAI-PMH is to use D-Space repositories. A client application used to harvest metadata from digital repositories.
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One who harvests; a machine for cutting and gathering grain; a reaper.
A person or machine that cuts and collects the product of a plant.
A machine that fells trees, delimbs them and crosscuts them into logs.
In 2230, the crew of this sublight Qua exploration vessel - under the command of Daniel Brightmoon - reached Val Shohob and made first contact with the Mystics, who were led at that time by Eye Corvalis.
Harvester is a gruesome and controversial point-and-click adventure computer game. It was designed by Digi FX Interactive and published by Merit Studios in 1996.
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see feller-buncher.
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A harvesting ant.
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disco lighting effect consisting of a number of pinspot lamp s arranged in four lines, one line per side of a square section box. The box rotates about its long axis, and in some cases, other s.
Belongs to the Industrial complex in Er'cana
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a phase of the CCSM production process in which model output is moved from local disk to the local long-term storage system. The harvester script is named $SCRIPTS/$CASE.har.
Harvester is a group of over 150+ family pub restaurants where friends and family meet for all kinds of occasions.
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a born-again Christian, who consistently shares his or her faith in Jesus Christ with others
a structure used to extract resources from the environment while unattended
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A software program from Blue Angel Technologies, used by Mercury, to perform harvesting
Software that performs the harvest function.
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A person who takes shellfish, by any means, from a growing area. (1)