Definitions for "Harrison"
Harrison is a PATH station on Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard south of the Interstate 280 overpass in Harrison, New Jersey. The simplest station in the PATH system, it opened on November 26, 1911 at the intersection of Rodgers Boulevard and New Jersey Railroad Avenue.
The Harrison Metro-North Railroad station serves the residents of Harrison, New York via the New Haven Line. During peak hours, some local trains (namely those not subsidized by the Connecticut Department of Transportation) originate or terminate here as opposed to locals from Stamford. Harrison is 22.2 miles from Grand Central Terminal and the average travel time from Grand Central is 46 minutes.
23rd President of the United States (1833-1901)
9th President of the United States; caught pneumonia during his inauguration and died shortly after (1773-1841)
English actor on stage and in films (1908-1990)
English rock star; lead guitarist of the Beatles (1943-2001)
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a GIS mapping intern with NRDC's Nuclear Program