Definitions for "Harper"
Harper is a 1966 film written by William Goldman from a novel by Ross Macdonald. The movie starred Paul Newman as the eponymous Lew Harper (Lew Archer in the novels). Goldman received a 1967 Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay.
a Slytherin student in Ginny's year; he replaced Draco Malfoy as Seeker in a Quidditch game (HBP14)
Harpers are responsible for the education of children in hold, hall and weyr. They are the musicians and entertainers of Pern and may also be called upon to arbitrate disputes.
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A player on the harp; a minstrel.
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someone who plays the harp
a person who plays Gaelic harp, especially the ancient wire-strung harp
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A brass coin bearing the emblem of a harp, -- formerly current in Ireland.