Definitions for "Harmonica"
Keywords:  harmonicon, harp, tuned, reed, formerly
A musical instrument, consisting of a series of hemispherical glasses which, by touching the edges with the dampened finger, give forth the tones; it is now called the glass harmonica, to distinguish it from the common harmonica, formerly called the harmonicon.
A toy instrument of strips of glass or metal hung on two tapes, and struck with hammers.
A small wind musical instrument shaped like a flat bar with holes along the thin edges, held in the hand and producing notes from multiple vibrating reeds arranged inside along its length; it was formerly called the harmonicon. See harmonicon.
Harmonica is a comic book character that appeared in the Malibu Comics Ultraverse series The Solution.
A device that is attached to the end of a connectorised feeder cable that converts the 25 pair into individual 4, 6 or 8 wire modular channels.
a small, light and an affordable instructment that is not only easy to play butt is also portable and affordable
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