Definitions for "Harlequin"
A buffoon, dressed in party-colored clothes, who plays tricks, often without speaking, to divert the bystanders or an audience; a merry-andrew; originally, a droll rogue of Italian comedy.
To play the droll; to make sport by playing ludicrous tricks.
To remove or conjure away, as by a harlequin's trick.
The rarest and most sought after pattern in opal. The colors have formed naturally into a checkerboard pattern.
Extremely rare checkerboard pattern displaying clearly defined flashes of colour (originated in the likeness of the clown Harlequin)
Spotted coloration, used specifically for the Great Dane.
Harlequin is a 1980 Australian film starring Robert Powell, Carmen Duncan, David Hemmings and Broderick Crawford. The screenplay is by Everett De Roche, the music by Brian May and the film is directed by Simon Wincer.
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Harlequin was formerly a technology company based in Cambridge, UK and Cambridge, Massachusetts. They specialized in printing and graphical applications, law enforcement applications, and programming language implementations. Harlequin referred to themselves as "The Late Binding company" and was what is sometimes called a Think Tank.
Harlequin is a computer game for the Amiga and Atari ST. It was written by Andy Finlay, with graphics by Ed Campbell. It was produced by Pete Cook and published in the early 1990s by Gremlin Graphics.
A piece of furniture which has a rising part composed of a box-like structure, fitted with drawers or small receptacles concealed in the body of the furniture and made to rise by means of weights. This is most commonly found in tables, but can also be found in some desks, particularly Davenports.
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Harlequin was a Canadian rock band that formed in Winnipeg in 1975 and lasted until the mid-1980s.
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a meat rabbit that comes in
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A speciality wager of 24 bets with four selections covered in "Up and Down," "Round the Clock," Doubles, Trebles, etc. for win, Each Way and Place only.
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A term used to describe a set of chairs that are similar but do not match.