Definitions for "Hard of Hearing"
Keywords:  deaf, profound, oralists, mild, hearing
Refers to people who are able to understand speech through the ear with the help of amplified sound through public address systems, hearing aids and/or other assistive listening devices. Persons may be born hard of hearing, or acquire the condition later in life.
a person with significant hearing loss, but still able to function in the hearing world, possibly with aids. Additional information
The term used to describe a degree of hearing loss ranging from mild to profound for which a person usually receives some benefit from amplification. Most people who are hard of hearing are oralists (communicate by using their voice), although a small number learn sign language. Usually they participate in society by using their residual hearing with hearing aids, speech reading, and assistive devices to facilitate communication.
Keywords:  deafened, hoh, late, acquire, adults
(HOH) Persons with some remaining ability to acquire sounds who do not use a signed language, typically because they are late-deafened adults.