Definitions for "Hank"
A parcel consisting of two or more skeins of yarn or thread tied together.
refers to the number of strands tied together at one end. These strands usually do not usually have clasps attached.
a traditional measure of length for yarn. The length of yarn in a hank varies with the market and the material; for example, a hank of cotton yarn traditionally included 840 yards (768 meters) of yarn, while a hank of wool yarn was 560 yards (512 meters). For both cotton and wool, these traditional hanks are equal to 7 leas or to 12 cuts. In the U.S., however, a hank of woolen yarn is generally 1600 yards (1463 meters). In retail trade, a hank is often equal to 6 or 7 skeins of varying size.
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Bundle of strands of beads, usually 10 -12 strands, about 18" inches per strand. (see Measures)
a strung bunch of beads
Strands of beads, usually 10-14 strands and most often seed beads.
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A ring or eye of rope, wood, or iron, attached to the edge of a sail and running on a stay.
Pieces of wood to attach stay sails to their stays.
A snap - plastic or stainless steel - attached to the luff of the jib, used to attach the jib to the forestay.
A throw in which a wrestler turns his left side to his opponent, twines his left leg about his opponent's right leg from the inside, and throws him backward.
The name of a billionaire philanthropist who will give you a million dollars if you kiss his ass, otherwise he'll kick the shit out of you. (more info on Hank)
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A rope or withe for fastening a gate.
To fasten with a rope, as a gate.
a unit of measure for cord, rope, and tie line
Hank is a town in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is a part of the municipality of Werkendam, and lies about 10 km north of Oosterhout.
Hank is a scalable, extensible, modular, threaded user-space program to handle all your packet juggling needs. It'll analyze, report, and act on network traffic in any protocol, at any OSI layer, at any nesting depth. And it'll do it damned fast.
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Hold; influence.
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To form into hanks.