Definitions for "Hanger"
Keywords:  sword, suspend, pipe, joists, illust
That by which a thing is suspended.
A strap hung to the girdle, by which a dagger or sword is suspended.
A part that suspends a journal box in which shafting runs. See Illust. of Countershaft.
Keywords:  arrow, boss, stuck, firmly, target
An arrow that has not stuck in the boss but instead hangs from the target face.
An arrow that does not penetrate the boss but hangs from the face.
An arrow that hit the target but does not penetrate to hold it firmly. Instead, it hangs on the the target.
Flat strap that is installed under the roofing material and hold up the horizontal section of the gutter
Flat strap that is installed under the roofing matierial that holds up the horizontal section of the gutter.
Keywords:  steep, declivity, hill, wood, side
A steep, wooded declivity.
a wood located on the side of a steep hill
A card that juts out conspicuously when a cheater is dealing.
Keywords:  bridle, iron
A bridle iron.
Keywords:  caver, cave, descend, bolt, hooked
A device used to weight train the penis. The hanging device is attached to the penis, and some amount of weight is hooked to the end. The result is several pounds of extra weight pulling your penis down. An effective method of extending the length of your penis.
Device attached to a bolt enabling a caver to descend the cave.
Keywords:  hangman, causes, one
One who hangs, or causes to be hanged; a hangman.
Keywords:  pmk, unintended, break, doesn't, spins
a curve ball that doesn't break, it just spins
An unintended break in a network path. [D00784] PMK96 A break in a net work path [D00783] PMK87
Keywords:  shackle, onto, product, line
Hangs product onto shackle line.
Keywords:  grinding, axle, abuse, truck, along
Part of the truck that gets the most abuse. When grinding it is done along the top of the hanger. Contained inside the hanger is the axle.
Keywords:  hung, something, worker, anything
a worker who hangs something
anything from which something can be hung
Keywords:  sheet, frame, anchor, tank, steel
A formed sheet steel device that anchor together floor framing members that meet at right angles.
A frame for holding sheet film during processing in a tank.
Keywords:  tubing, casing, see
see casing hanger, tubing hanger