Definitions for "Handy "
Skillful in using the hand; dexterous; ready; adroit.
Ready to the hand; near; also, suited to the use of the hand; convenient; valuable for reference or use; as, my tools are handy; a handy volume.
adj. useful, convenient; clever with hands.
Handy is a small commandline tool to synchronize a Lotus Notes appointment scheduler with KDE Organizer and a SIEMENS S35/S45 cellphone. It is able to read the result of the export function of a Lotus Notes client version
definition: Affectionately called a "Handy", it seems such a fitting word for a mobile phone, because they are, well…handy. And it's a catchy word too: a lot of people speaking English in Germany tend to use the word “Handy” instead of “mobile” or “cell phone”. As in most countries, the mobile market is awash with operators and offers, so before deciding on what to go for – plenty of research is required.
IBM expert system and artificial intelligence research project. Defunct.
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Handy is an emulator for the Atari Lynx. The original Handy is a Windows application. It has also been ported to other platforms including Amiga, Linux and Be OS.
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a connection that can be unscrewed by hand.
Keywords:  gadget, easy, spot, reach, handle
easy to reach; "found a handy spot for the can opener"
easy to use; "a handy gadget"
easy to handle or use
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Easily managed; obedient to the helm; -- said of a vessel.
United States blues musician who transcribed and published traditional blues music (1873-1958)
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Prompt and athletic in response to the rider.
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Performed by the hand.