Definitions for "hands"
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See clock hands.
The pointing devices that circle around the dial indicating hours, minutes, seconds and any other special features of the watch. Alpha Hands: A slightly tapered hand. Baton Hands: A narrow hand sometimes referred to as a stick hand. Dauphine Hands: A wide, tapered hand with a facet at the center running the length of the hand. Luminous Hands: Hands made of skeleton form with the opening filled by a luminous material. Skeleton Hands: Cut-out hands showing only the frame.
The hands of an analog timepiece are used to indicate the time by pointing to the current hour and minute numerals. Below, we have listed the more popular types of watch hands: Hand Type Description Alpha Slightly tapered hand. Baton Narrow hand occasionally known as the "stick hand". Dauphine Wide, tapered hand with centered facet that runs the length of the hand. Luminous Hand comprised of skeleton form. The opening is always filled with luminous material. Skeleton Cutout hand that shows the frame only.
measurement of horse/pony height equivalent to 4 inches. Commonly being replaced by metric measurements (138cm, 128 cm, etc)
A standard of measure for horses. Horses are measured from the ground to the withers (the prominent set of thoracic vertebrae at the base of the neck), in units of "hands" which equals four inches. An average horse is 15 hands (60 inches - 5 feet).
Unit for measuring a horse. Each hand equals four inches
Hands are calligraphic script and lettering styles.
Hands come in different styles: Sword hands Straight flat hands Dayphine hands Breguet hands © Copyright Rotary Watches - Established in Switzerland 1895   Watch winding process
The various (calligraphic) script and lettering styles a talented calligrapher can create.
a person's power or discretionary action; as, my fate is in your hands.
(with `in') guardianship over; in divorce cases it is the right to house and care for and discipline a child; "my fate is in your hands"; "too much power in the president's hands"; "your guests are now in my custody"; "the mother was awarded custody of the children"
"Hands" is the second single from The Raconteurs' debut album Broken Boy Soldiers, released in the UK on July 31, 2006.
"Hands" is the first single released from Jewel's sophmore album, Spirit (1998).
Many techniques of healing and divination are dependent on the use of the hands. Palmistry, massage, Reiki healing, shamanic healing, acupressure, and other disciplines are dependent on skilled use of the hands. The main benefits of these disciplines are said to be the release and proper channeling of the body's energies, but many psychologists feel that there are great benefits to be derived just from a gentle touch.
illegal act of intentionally touching the ball with the hands or arms.
A non-extended, single-based stunt position where the flyer is standing in the hands of the base at shoulder level. Hanging Pyramid: A pyramid in which one or more persons are suspended off the performing surface by one or more flyers.
1 base, 1 flier, the base holds the fliers feet at the bases shoulder level, (looks like a shoulder stand, but not standing on shoulders)
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A collection of voodoo charms worn or carried for protection and luck.
Hands allow Walkers to climb steep grades, as well as carrying things and making punch attacks. Hands are needed to mount clubbing weapons.
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Gauntlet: Hands that stop above the wrist, like a glove. Some gauntlet hands are glued right to the stump of the cloth arm.
Body appendages which must be scrubbed raw with volcanic soap and sterilized in boiling water immediately prior to consumption of the evening meal.
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The force of workers available; as, all hands on deck.
The crew of a ship; sailors as in “All hands on deck
Health and Nutrition District Support (Tanzania)
Housing And Neighborhood Development Service
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Term used to describe the softness or feel of leather.