Definitions for "handrail"
a rail{1} at the side of staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling; -- shaped so as to be conveniently gripped with the hand; as, please hold onto the handrail when crossing the walkway.
A railing along a stairway to help people avoid falling down the stairs. A handrail should be 32 to 35 inches above the stairs.
noun A railing alongside a staircase which pedestrians use as an aid when walking. Also, a device skateboarders use as an obstacle to slide and grind down, and to fly over.
Keywords:  bulwark, mount, walking, capping, aid
mounted from 30" to 38"
Wall mount or bulwark capping for aid in walking.
Keywords:  linear, parallel, ridge, feature, river
Navigation term referring to a linear feature such as a ridge-line or river which runs parallel to your intended course, which you can follow at a specified distance
A linear feature which closely parallels your route and acts as a handrail to the next control.