Definitions for "handover"
The passing of a call signal from one base station to the next as the user moves out of range or the network software re-routes the call.
The switching of a mobile signal from one channel or cell to another. There are two categories of handover, Internal handover and External handover.
A term used in Europe to describe the process of transferring a mobile from one cell to another while it is in the middle of a call.
Handover, in the political-historical sense, often refers to the transfer of power of former colonies (particularly those of former British colonies) to the local people. The term was also used for the transfer of the Panama Canal and the Canal Zone to Panama, and the returns of sovereignty to Iraq by the United States.
The act of relinquishing property or authority etc. to another; as, the handover of occupied territory to the original posssessors; the handover of power from the military back to the civilian authorities.
The term used for many different types of meeting which take place when one shift comes on and another shift goes off. Handovers have become increasingly important in the third quarter of the twentieth century as staff teams have increased and staff are less likely to be resident in the vicinity of the unit.
Once appliances are installed and building complete, you are able to move into your new home. Settlement takes place coinciding with the final payment on your home.
the point when an organization accepts that a technology solution is complete and ready for routine usage.