Definitions for "handoff"
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The process by which the Mobile Telephone Switching Office passes a cellular phone conversation from one radio frequency in one cell to another radio frequency in another. It is performed so quickly that callers don't notice.
The transfer or control of a cellular phone call in progress from one cell to another, without any discontinuity.
A term used in the USA to describe the process of transferring a mobile from one cell to another while it is in the middle of a call.
A football play in which one player hands the ball to a teammate.
the action of giving the running back the football; place the ball in the stomach between the chest pad and the belly button.
Een HANDOFF is het afgeven van de bal door de quarterback aan een van zijn/haar medespelers achter de line of scrimmage.
hexadecimal Household type and relationship
hexadecimal HTTP
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Once an event has been contracted and all event details have been finalized, the Sales Rep will "hand-off" the event to the Event Coordinator (also known as the "Project Coordinator"). The Event Coordinator will manage the event from hand-off through execution and post-event recap.
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The exchange or pass of the baton between the incoming and outgoing runners of a relay team.
Passing the responsibility for a project from one person, department, or organization to another.
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