Definitions for "handler"
A collection of statements that define a command. Command handlers modify an application command whereas subroutines define a user-defined command.
a group of Lingo commands put together and given a name
a scripted command or function (like a subroutine in VBScript)
one who trains or exhibits animals.
A person who trains, conditions, and presents a dog in show competition. Owners who handle their own dogs in the show ring are owner-handlers.
means the person handling the dog in the working certificate test.
A routine that controls a program's reaction to specific external events. One example is an interrupt handler. IBM. See event.
A program with the sole function of controlling a particular input, output, storage device, file, or interruption facility.
a designator for a function with no arguments which usually returns a string to be sent to the client as the body of the http reply
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someone in charge of training an athlete (especially a boxer) or a team.
One of a team's primary throwers.
(sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
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"chi maneggia, addestratore"
An organization that prepares recyclable plastics by sorting, densifying and/or storing the material until a sufficient quantity is on hand. When the handler completes processing, the material is not ready to be manufactured into a new product, but it has been made more valuable. (Waste Reduction Strategies for Rural Communities, prepared by the MaCC Group, with support from Tennessee Valley Authority, March 1994).
a sort of antiquated term for a crew member
a class that implements a defined set of methods
a class that implements the oracle
a JFS class capable of loading and displaying files of one or more MIME types
The person who controls and directs a canine during a search. This person is usually, but does not have to be, the owner or trainer of the canine.
A person who handles cocks in a cockfight.
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(n.) A routine that directs a simple condition, such as moving data.
A routine that manages a common and relatively simple condition or operation, such as error recovery or data management.
A series of routines that tell the OS how to handle a particular device.
a Spyglass term for an independent, dynamically linkable software module with a well-defined API set
A recipient and processor of messages. It can be a printing extension, a printer driver, QuickDraw GX printing, or an application. For example, an application can supply a handler for errors, warnings, and messages See also: message chain
a class that can convert any or a special input message to an other message and sends the resulting message to the given destination
a component that receives created log messages it has subscribed to from the jLEA core and processes them
In the context of asynchronous programming, the function that handles the completion of a request. See also: asynchronous request
a CLOS object responsible for handling requests to a given portion of the URL space
a function that processes a particular phase of a request
a compromised host with a special program running on it
a machine language program that tells your Atari how to talk to the modem
a named grouping of programming code that can be called from elsewhere in the program, can be passed information, and can optionally return a value
equipment for manipulating packaged integrated circuits during the testing process.
A handler is a piece of Perl code that ultimately returns a fragment of HTML, or more generally, text. The handler manages action security and manipulates objects (fetches, creates, saves, removes) and hands the data to the template for display.
Any person engaged in the business of handling agricultural products, including producers who handle crops or livestock of their own production, except such term shall not include final retailers of agricultural products that do not process agricultural products.
a person engaged in the handling of milk or cream received at an approved plant for similar sale
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a way of associating an adapter with a host
An instance of a BizTalk Sever Host on which an adapter is running.
an intermediary terminator that is responsible for 'handling' the dataflows of another terminator
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The worker that makes handles for baskets, jugs, pitchers, etc...
a program, either a CGI or a module in Apache, that will handle certain types of documents
An internal Apache representation of the action to be performed when a file is called. Generally, files have implicit handlers, based on the file type. Normally, all files are simply served by the server, but certain file types are "handled" separately. For example, the cgi-script handler designates files to be processed as → CGIs. See: Apache's Handler Use
Usually the owner of the hound, however may refer to the Agent for the hound.
an agent who handles something or someone; "the senator's campaign handlers"
a sequence of Lisp expressions designated to be executed if an error happens in part of the Lisp program
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a trusted assistant to help and protect you while in costume
Judges assistant at a cat show who assists the judge with taking cats to and from the judging table and cages
Someone who knows the offender well and who is in a position to exert some control over his or her actions 25, 28
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a component that receives form data via HTTP and tries to map it to one or more data beans
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a match for an exception object of type E if
See exception.
A mechanical device attached to an automatic testing or finishing machine which loads the parts one at a time.
a mechanism, device, or physical medium used to transport data into or out of the system
an object responsible for a specific application-level task
a method that is executed when a particular control is activated
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Officer in charge of an informant