Definitions for "Handbook"
A book of reference, to be carried in the hand; a manual; a guidebook.
A book containing reference information for a specific field; as, the Handbook of Chemistry.
A reference book which collects information from various sources and presents it in a simple, useful format.
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each level of Scouting has its own Handbook. The Handbook is ESSENTIAL for Scouts, as it spells out the requirements for advancement, as well as providing a place to record completion of the same.
a manditory item that each Cub Scout must use through each rank level
a recent publication produced by the World Bank Urban and Global HIV/AIDS programs in collaboration with a number of partners (AMICAALL, UNDP, UN-HABITAT, Urban Management Programme and Cities Alliance)
A document prepared specifically to provide guidance information. Handbooks are used for the presentation of general information, procedural and technical use data, or design information related to commodities, processes, practices, and services.
A handbook produced by the Department for Transport entitled Rules and Guidance for the National Safety Camera Programme for England and Wales.
a guide for installing ceramic tile-not stone tiles
a guide for preparing University environmental documents
a guide on how to do something, in this case, genealogical research
a compilation of academic and student service information on policies, procedures and programs that has been gleaned from several sources of information at the Johnson School and Cornell University
a means of uniform distribution of policies and procedures to all employees
official document that outlines The University of New England's procedures and policies.
The 3" x 5-3/4" hardbound edition of California Legislature published for each two-year legislative session. Contains indexed versions of the Assembly, Senate, and Joint Rules; biographies of members; and other useful information. Published by the Assembly Chief Clerk and Secretary of the Senate for their respective houses.
an essential resource for all students writing research reports
compendium of articles commissioned to expound problems, history and bibliography of a research field.
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a wonderful addition to the IRC
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a convenient compact map, useful if you particularly prefer YHAs
helper applications Household
a critical work tool for supervisors as well
a cross campus tool used to improve writing assignments in any class in any discipline
an excellent tutorial for people who have limited experience with Visual Basic
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See Introduction to Shared Inquiry.
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Provides easy access to other information sources in a given field of knowledge. A handbook's scope is purposely limited and should be used as a referral resource.
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Headquarters Hot House
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a REQUIRED TEXT for English Majors which you are expected to purchase by the time you enroll in your first Core class
a condensed treatment of an area of knowledge, often in a single volume
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a great read
a publication designed to communicate your work policies to your employee