Definitions for "Hamburg"
The hybrid cultivar Hamburg was originally raised by the Plumfield Nurseries, Fremont, Nebraska, circa 1932, after its discovery by Mr. Lloyd Moffet in a bed of U. pumila seedlings from Tekamah. It was later marketed by Interstate Nurseries, Hamburg, Iowa, in 1948, and claimed to be a hybrid of U. americana and U. pumila, however it is now considered more likely that U. rubra was the American parent (Santamour & Bentz, 1995).
A commercial city of Germany, near the mouth of the Elbe.
a city in northern Germany.
Hamburg (German pronunciation: ; , ) is the second largest city in Germany and with Hamburg Harbour, its principal port, Hamburg is also the second largest port city in Europe, no. 9 in the world-ranking of ports and the largest city in the European Union which is not a national capital. A large part of the port is a fenced-in duty-free area.
The Hamburg or Hamburgh, in Britain, is a type of chicken developed in Britain and Holland prior to 1700.
The Hamburg oil field is a remote area in north-western Alberta, Canada, with intense exploration and production of oil and gas.