Definitions for "Hall"
A building or room of considerable size and stateliness, used for public purposes; as, Westminster Hall, in London.
The chief room in a castle or manor house, and in early times the only public room, serving as the place of gathering for the lord's family with the retainers and servants, also for cooking and eating. It was often contrasted with the bower, which was the private or sleeping apartment.
A vestibule, entrance room, etc., in the more elaborated buildings of later times.
A college in an English university (at Oxford, an unendowed college).
The apartment in which English university students dine in common; hence, the dinner itself; as, hall is at six o'clock.
'Hall' refers both to the meals taken in Hall and to the magnificent College Hall itself.
Hall is a lunar crater that is located in the southeast part of the Lacus Somniorum, a lunar mare in the northeast part of the Moon. This feature can be found to the west of the prominent Posidonius walled plain. Just to the south, and nearly attached to the souther rim of Hall crater, is the smaller G.
General term used for an exposition facility or the exhibit area within a facility.
A generic term for an exposition facility. May also refer to an individual area within a facility. For instance, one facility could have multiple halls.
United States explorer who led three expeditions to the Arctic (1821-1871)
United States astronomer who discovered Phobos and Deimos (the two satellites of Mars) (1829-1907)
An un-upholstered plush-seat auditorium.
United States chemist who developed an economical method of producing aluminum from bauxite (1863-1914)
(Hardware Abstraction Layer Library) - collection of firmware which forms the HAL. The library may include macros, definitions, assembly code, high-level language functions, and other software structures.
A place of public assembly or used for exhibits; usually refers to a large function space.
United States child psychologist whose theories of child psychology strongly influenced educational psychology (1844-1924)
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A lofty chamber which is much longer than its width.
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a large and imposing house
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Several things are commonly known as Halls or halls. For the development of meaning of the word 'hall', see Hall (concept).
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a component part of it