Definitions for "Halftone"
An image reproduced with varying sizes of halftone dots. These dots fool the eye into thinking it sees different levels of gray or different shades of color. Halftone dots do not show up on computer monitors; only once an image has been output to some type of printer. All printed photographs are halftones.
A QuickDraw GX data structure"also a property of a view port object"that specifies a pattern and a set of colors. A halftone is used to achieve a greater range of colors than may be available on a display device See also: angle, background color, dot color, dot type, frequency, tint type
The process of converting images into a regular array of dots of various sizes with equal spacing between centers. Also the process of reproducing an image as a series of dots of various sizes within a fixed grid.
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Header Hue
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The transition colour that a painter uses to move from light to dark. (12)
Displays a picture that represents the tonal range of a picture.