Definitions for "Hairs"
see Trichomes
Parent Term: Surface_texture Child Terms: Arachnoid Asperous Barbed Barbellate Bearded Canescent Domatia Downy Follicle Glandular_hair Scale Scurfy Stellate_hair Strigose Trichome Velutinous Villous Viscid Appressed Bristly Chaffy Ciliate Comose Dendroid Ferruginous Floccose Glabrous Glochidiate Hirsute Hirtellous Hispid Indumentum Lanate Lepidote Pilose Puberulent Pubescent Pustule Sericeous Setose Spiculate Squamose Stinging Tomentose Tuft Swollen_base_hairs Colleters Velvety Indumentum_(hairs_etc) Scales Scaly Difficulty Level: Show examples
the splinters from the reed that usually occur from overuse, to be clipped or singed when the basket is completed.
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Fine hair streaks which particularly occur in Pear and Maple. They can be distributed over the entire surface of the veneer and are considered to be degrading in quality.
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See under " Stems," below.