Definitions for "Habitus"
describes the cultural capital of the middle classes
as defined by Bourdieu, a culturally specific way not only of doing and speaking, but also of seeing, thinking and categorising. Habitus tends to be"naturalized" in that it is taken for granted or assimilated into the unconscious so that habitus is a necessary condition of action and shared understanding.
a bodily disposition that organizes action without the actor thinking about rules
A drawing or photograph intended to display the general shape and feature of a species, upon which specific morphological characters may be highlighted.
Overall general morphology and shape, usually not referring to color. Habitus is the preferred term in a general comparison of one insect to another. Facies is used mostly within the Lepidoptera. See also facies and morph.
The condition resulting from clothing, equipment, physical adjuncts, environment; or a condition or state, as expressed by the reflexive verb.
person's predisposition to be affected by something (as a disease); "the consumptive habitus"
constitution of the human body
body build and constitution, especially as related to disease.
Keywords:  appearance, whole, mode, animal, life
Habitude; mode of life; general appearance.
Appearance of the whole animal.