Definitions for "Gyro"
Keywords:  yaw, gimbals, helicopter, spin, rotor
A device that enables you to spin the handlebars a full 360 degrees without cable interference.
Short for gyroscope. A gyro recognizes change in rate about an axis of rotation. In the past all gyroscopes used spinning masses. The ST6 gyro operates on the principle of a tuning fork gyro, using MEMS.
A device used to help stabilize the yaw of a helicopter. They come in three forms right now. Mechanical, Piezoelectric, and Piezoelectric with heading hold. Mechanical gyros use a real spinning disk inside a small enclosure and help resist the yaw due to the torque of the main rotor blades by adjusting the tail rotor pitch. Piezoelectric gyros do the same thing, but are more accurate / responsive. See Heading Hold for the third type.
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a Greek sandwich: sliced roast lamb with onion and tomato stuffed into pita bread
a pita sandwich, usually made with ground beef or lamb
a sort of Greek sandwich but its rolled up in some sort of flour thing like an enchilada
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an absolute necessity
a useful tool to any level of pilot since it's only function in an airplane is to smooth out the flight in turbulence
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an electro-mechanical, or electronic device which aids in the control of an R/C model
a very useful aid in keeping the machine steady
a little different that a car as some sensors are not connected
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Abbreviation for gyroscope.