Definitions for "GUNAS"
Keywords:  rajas, tamas, sattva, prakriti, inertia
The three basic qualities of nature that determine the inherent characteristics of all created things. They are sattva (purity, light, harmony, intelligence); rajas (activity, passion); and tamas (dullness, inertia, ignorance).
Sathwa, Rajas and Thamas (RRV-Inner meaning), three characteristics determine the human behaviour: sathwic, rajasic, thamasic, types of behaviour, groups of qualities, bundles of attributes, (BV-33), ( BV-36).
the three modes of material nature, or controlling principles, sattva-guna (goodness), rajo-guna (passion), and tamo-guna (ignorance).
Keywords:  modes, motion
Modes of Motion.