Definitions for "Gumbo"
Keywords:  okra, seafood, roux, fil, stew
A soup thickened with the mucilaginous pods of the okra; okra soup.
A thick stew made with chicken (chicken gumbo), or seafood (seafood gumbo), thickened with okra or file, and also containing greens and often hot spices; it is particularly popular in Louisiana.
The okra plant or its pods.
Keywords:  silty, sticky, waxy, clay, staets
Gumbo - A local term for clay soil that becomes sticky, impervious, and plastic when wet.
any relatively sticky formation (such as clay) encountered in drilling
any of various fine-grained silty soils that become waxy and very sticky mud when saturated with water
Keywords:  eenot, ork, gee, fourth, preceding
The fourth number used in counting on Ork, immediately following eenot and preceding gee.
Keywords:  stuff, thrown, mixture, pot
a mixture of all this stuff thrown in a pot
Keywords:  social, food, event
a food and a social event