Definitions for "Gum"
A vegetable secretion of many trees or plants that hardens when it exudes, but is soluble in water; as, gum arabic; gum tragacanth; the gum of the cherry tree. Also, with less propriety, exudations that are not soluble in water; as, gum copal and gum sandarac, which are really resins.
See Gum tree, below.
A hive made of a section of a hollow gum tree; hence, any roughly made hive; also, a vessel or bin made of a hollow log.
To smear with gum; to close with gum; to unite or stiffen by gum or a gumlike substance; to make sticky with a gumlike substance.
The adhesive found on the back of postage stamps.
the adhesive substance applied to the back of stamps that enables a stamp to be affixed to an envelope. see Water-activated Gum and Self-Adhesive Stamp
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The dense tissues which invest the teeth, and cover the adjacent parts of the jaws.
To deepen and enlarge the spaces between the teeth of (a worn saw). See Gummer.
To chew with the gums, rather than with the teeth.
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subtypes: black, sweet
A solid resinous material that can be dissolved and that will form a film when the solution is spread on a surface and the solvent is allowed to evaporate. Usually a yellow, amber, or clear solid.
A small patch of accumulated gum (mineral or resin) that commonly occurs in American Cherry and Beech. It is often the result of crown damage, bird pecks, or other insect damage.
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Gum is a lunar crater that is located near the southeastern limb of the Moon, and is viewed nearly from the side from Earth. It lies along the western edge of the irregular Mare Australe, to the northeast of Hamilton crater. To the north-northwest is the larger Abel crater, and to the east-southeast on the far side of the Moon is the Jenner crater.
Residue that remains when gasoline is allowed to sit for a period of time.
Place item in freezer for an hour. Flick hardened gum off with finger. Remove any residue with rubbing alcohol. Launder as usual.
A gelatinous protein, comprising 20% to 30% by mass of raw silk, cementing the two fibroin filaments (brins) in a silk have.
Genitourinary medicine with refers to the reproductive organs and uninary. Every major hospital has a special clinic called the GU clinic which main function is to help prevent the spread of sexual diseases.
Deposits of oxidized fuel found in the fuel system or engine parts.
Used in platemaking to protect the non-image areas from oxidising.
oxidized portions of the fuel that form deposits in the fuel system or engine parts.
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"gum" is an Open-Source file-archiving program, like GNU's "tar". The goal of this project is to create an easy-to-use, fast archiver that produces an output less than that of GNU's "tar".
Guide to Uncertainty Measurement
a dry thickening agent used for manufacturing emulsions
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GUM may refer to one of the following.