Definitions for "GULF STREAM"
A major ocean current. This swift current forms the northwestern edge of a large, clockwise system of currents in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream has an important effect on climate, transportation by sea, and the circulation of nutrients and wastes in the ocean. It originates in the western Caribbean Sea,passes through the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida, and then flows northeast along the North American coast. At the Grand Banks, the Gulf Stream breaks up into several currents. Also known as "Golfstrom".-- source: IBM World Book Multimedial Enyclopedia HACIA MARIEL literally "Towards Mariel" in Spanish Mariel is a female first name. Also: Puerto Mariel - A town in Cuba near to Havana known for a huge refugee exodus in 1980, when more than 125,000 Cubans moved to Miami, USA. --
the warm ocean current of the North Atlantic. It originates in the westward equatorial current and is deflected northward by the coast of South America into the Gulf of Mexico and then follows the coast of North America to Nantucket, where it is deflected eastward toward northern Europe
A warm, well-defined, swift, relatively narrow ocean current that originates where the Florida Current and the Antilles Current begin to curve eastward from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
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