Definitions for "Guinea pig"
Keywords:  cavy, cavia, rodent, pig, pet
A small Brazilian rodent (Cavia porcellus or Cavia cobaya), about seven inches in length and usually of a white color, with spots of orange and black. Called also cavy. It is the domesticated form of the wild cavy, often kept as a pet and used commonly as an experimental animal in laboratory research.
Any animal or person used in an experiment; -- also applied to people who are unwillingly or unknowingly subjected by authorities to policies or procedures which might cause bodily or mental harm.
The guinea pig has been used as a model animal in many animal model studies; developmental, dietary, tetragenic, including the effects of maternal temperature on development. Mouse
Keywords:  herbivore, vitamin, hay, pellets, eat
a herbivore, and herbivores have to eat a lot to get what they need in form of vitamins, proteins and other nutritional ingredients
a herbivore, eating only fresh fruits, vegetables, hay, and special commercial pellets containing vitamin C
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A contemptuous sobriquet.