Definitions for "GUILLOTINE"
A machine which makes a Frenchman shrug his shoulders with good reason. In his great work on _Divergent Lines of Racial Evolution_, the learned Professor Brayfugle argues from the prevalence of this gesture -- the shrug -- among Frenchmen, that they are descended from turtles and it is simply a survival of the habit of retracing the head inside the shell. It is with reluctance that I differ with so eminent an authority, but in my judgment (as more elaborately set forth and enforced in my work entitled _Hereditary Emotions_ -- lib.
A machine for beheading a person by one stroke of a heavy ax or blade, which slides in vertical guides, is raised by a cord, and let fall upon the neck of the victim.
Any machine or instrument for cutting or shearing, resembling in its action a guillotine.
gil uh tEEn, gEE uh-, giluh tEEn, gEEuh-] Introduced as a method of humane execution; utilized to execute thousands during the most radical phase of the French Revolution known as the Reign of Terror. (p. 700)
Guillotine is a card game created by Wizards of the Coast and designed by Paul Peterson. The game is set during the French Revolution, and was released on Bastille Day in 1998. The goal is to collect the heads of Nobles, accumulating points.
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Light displayed usually with an illuminated letter 'G' to indicate that time has run out (according to the timetable adopted as part of conference Standing Orders) for debating a particular section of the agenda. A 'guillotine section' is inserted into the timetable at the end of the last conference section to debate some of the motions 'guillotined' earlier in the conference. Branches can suggest which motions should be in this section on the appropriate form (SOC B) available from the standing orders committee located at the front of the conference floor.
a truly amazing display of coordination we like to show off at football games and pep rallies. Name comes from the fact that someone may very well get his head knocked off if he screws up during the Guillotine. Other sections try to copy us, but we accept no imitations. Done to the tune of a drum cadence.
closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill
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an affront to democracy and to liberty
Guillotine was a 10-inch New Wave sampler released by Virgin Records. As well as containing eight songs by some of Virgin's leading performers of the time, it was also notable for containing sleeve notes that were apparently Richard Branson's publishing debut.
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a last resort, not a pat answer to have handy
A curtain, which runs the width of the stage and is the height of the proscenium that is raised and lowered to mask items.