Definitions for "Guild"
An association of men belonging to the same class, or engaged in kindred pursuits, formed for mutual aid and protection; a business fraternity or corporation; as, the Stationers' Guild; the Ironmongers' Guild. They were originally licensed by the government, and endowed with special privileges and authority.
a group of species found in the same place that share the same food resource. Example: the lizard species of a sand dune that feed on insects. [GBA
A group of people who gather together to do research on a period topic. Some examples include Cooks' Guild, Storytellers' Guild, and Calligraphers' Guild. Guilds which are officialy recognized by the barony have a vote on Council.
Professional, mercantile or craft association formed to maintain standards and support its members. Guilds formed the center of town life; the guilds grew in power and prestige, frequently forming monopolies in their area of expertise.
Trade associations formed to protect members from the competition of foreign merchants and to maintain commercial standards. Guild apprentices served a master for five to seven years, before becoming a journeyman at about age 19. Journeymen worked in the shop of a master until they could demonstrate that they were ready for master status. Guild members were forbidden to compete with each other, and merchants were required to sell at a just price.
a craft organization, from medieval times, and they had iconic representation, because nobody could read
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a "clan" that is represented in the game
A guild is similar to a clan in that with most of them the members put tags on their names. Guilds differ from clans because guilds are not TFC teams, they are groups set up to promote certain ideas or for the members to declare support for a certain idea. For example, a guild might be set up specifically for people who always play engineer. TPF is a good example of a guild.
a hexen (II) clan
A religious association or society, organized for charitable purposes or for assistance in parish work.
A society which protected the interests of people working within a trade.
a group or society that looks after the common interests of that group
a thing you can either join or create
Not to be confused with Associations. In the world of Dark Age of Camelot, guilds are special career path choices that you make for your character after 5th level that further defines their character's development. For example, in Albion, if an Elementalist joins the Academy at 5th level, they become a wizard, but if that same Elementalist joins the Defenders of Albion, they become a Theurgist.
species similar in their habitat needs as well as their response to habitat changes (e.g., ovenbird and woodthrush). One species in a guild is often used to represent the others when developing a stewardship management plan.
a company who oversee that all trades people work to good quality
a place where, people with the same intrest, go to meet, do hobbys/jobs togeather
a union of fighters with same alignment and who share common thoughts and ideas
a term used to describe the lifestyle which a person has selected
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see Household.
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a JOINT effort
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a private entity
an official game community provided as a part of the game system
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a way of living, a purpose of existence
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a collection
A guildhall.
B-P Guild.