Definitions for "guidelines"
Procedures set forth by a funder that grant seekers should follow when submitting a proposal, reporting on a grant, or fulfilling other requirements.
Systematically developed statements which assist in decision-making about appropriate actions.
Statements that indicate how a process should be undertaken. These do not have the status of regulations.
a rule or set of rules giving guidance on how to behave in a situation.
A set of rules, regulations or suggestions that are set out for those who are going to carry out some activity such as preparing curriculum, writing, reviewing, or organizing materials.
Comparisons to guidelines were made to provide a context for evaluating the condition of the Estuary in terms of contamination, and not for any regulatory purpose. Guidelines were selected based on guidance from the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.
are not mandatory; provide a basis for harmonised approaches; and may stand alone or be part of another national environment protection measure.
actions or management practices that may be used to achieve desired outcomes, sometimes expressed as best management practices. Guidelines may be identified during the land use planning process, but they are not considered a land use plan decision unless the plan specifies that they are mandatory. Guidelines for grazing administration must conform to 43 CFR 4180.2.
lignes directrices Information, usually in the form of best practices, intended to help institutions carry out government policy efficiently and effectively. Guidelines are not mandatory with respect to the policy they support. Source: Government Communications Policy
Statements specifying recommended procedures for completing a specific task.
Systematically developed, scientifically based and practice-oriented recommendations for specific symptoms resulting from a consensus between people in different fields of specialization and work groups.
Downloadable checklists and recommendations from the WARP Toolbox which will provide help at various stages of building and running a WARP.
The formula for calculating child support in New Hampshire. With few exceptions, it is the amount of support that must be paid.
The child support guidelines are the formula used to calculate the appropriate amount of child support for both parents.
The minimum amount that should be ordered for support, as prescribed by Illinois state and/or administrative rule. The minimum amount is determined by arriving at the net income of the responsible relative and comparing it to a standard to be paid, based on the number of dependents to be supported. Amounts which are less than the minimum must be explained in the order.
principle or criterion guiding action; a general rule, principle, or piece of advice.82 A statement or other indication of policy or procedure by which to determine a course of action. Return to Top of List
Advice frameworks for developing a programme of work.
Orientations or advice regarding work. These are prepared by experts and take into account the legal and historical contexts of the work setting. They naturally evolve over time, and represent a partial balance between scientific knowledge and the context without pretending to provide exhaustive information on the issues.
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Directions specifying, minimally, what a grantor is interested in funding, what applications must contain, how they should be prepared, and how they will be evaluated.
(directives): what factors (land qualities) to consider when evaluating for certain general kinds of land uses, how to evaluate these qualities.
Official, peer-reviewed documentation stating current U.S. EPA methodology in assessing risk of harm from environmental pollutants to populations. Examples: Guidelines for Carcinogenic Risk Assessment: U.S. EPA guidelines intended to guide Agency evaluation of suspect carcinogens. EPA/630/P-03/001B, 2005. Guidelines for Exposure Assessment: U.S. EPA guidelines intended to guide Agency analysis of potential exposure to chemical substances. 51 FR 22888-22938; May 29,1992. Guidelines for Developmental Toxicity Risk Assessment: U.S. EPA guidelines intended to guide Agency analysis of developmental toxicity data. 51 FR 34028-34040, October 1996. Guidelines for Mutagenicity Risk Assessment: U. S. EPA guidelines intended to guide Agency analysis of mutagenicity data. 51 FR 34006-34016, September, 1986.
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an intriguing one
Describe suitable means of meeting the General and Specific Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. The guidelines in the Standards are not necessarily the only means of meeting the Standards, as there may be other acceptable alternatives.
are suitable means of meeting the General and Specific Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. (Introduction)
Interpretative standards or criteria that are generally advisory in form.
(for Footprint studies) : Suggested criteria governing methods, data sources and reporting for use when Footprint Standards are not appropriate or not yet developed.
criteria that attempt to ensure the best quality product is produced by adhering to a specified process
A guideline is any document that aims to streamline particular processes according to a set routine. Guidelines are an essential part of the larger process of governance.
A description of suggested elements aimed to accomplished a defined activity
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means the Program Guidelines as issued by DCITA.
The document, usually on a magazine’s website (but sometimes available by e-mail or mail), wherein the editor clearly explains what they require in terms of articles, whether they want queries or submissions on spec, how they want to receive queries or articles, word lengths, payment terms and rights bought.
Guidelines of all European banking federations (including savings and cooperative banks) developed to facilitate high value payments between banks and to enhance the security of the banking institutions that are direct participants in the high value payment systems used in the euro zone, regardless of the system used: national or cross border, gross or net.
the instructions for writing in a publication given to the writer.
The instructions for submitting work to a publication for consideration. Go back to top
a stipulation that doctors actually see patients face to face
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See "Marking Threads."
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See 404(b)(1) Guidelines, the preferred term.
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an on-going process
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See Development Design Guidelines