Definitions for "GUIDE"
A (personal or spiritual) source of information and insight to help an individual on his/her path to Transition. Compare Guru.
Spiritual formation is always under the direction of a guide whether human or divine. Spiritual growth is a potentiality grounded in being itself and is realized under the care of a Guide who empowers and directs that growth.
A spirit which is believed to assist in an individual's spiritual journey or evolution. See also "angel", "guardian angel", and "spirit guide".
A noncommissioned officer or soldier placed on the directing flank of each subdivision of a column of troops, or at the end of a line, to mark the pivots, formations, marches, and alignments in tactics.
a soldier experienced in all aspects of mountaineering who has the skills and knowledge to identify obstacles and ways to overcome them; commander's advisor on technical mountaineering matters that could affect the tactical scheme of maneuver; primary function of mountain leaders (Level 3 qualification)
a directory of Independant Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers, and related UK business firms
To lead or direct in a way; to conduct in a course or path; to pilot; as, to guide a traveler.
To regulate and manage; to direct; to order; to superintend the training or education of; to instruct and influence intellectually or morally; to train.
A person who leads or directs another in his way or course, as in a strange land; one who exhibits points of interest to strangers; a conductor; also, that which guides; a guidebook.
take somebody somewhere; "We lead him to our chief"; "can you take me to the main entrance?"; "He conducted us to the palace"
a must, because really, i dont want to waste hours and hours, getting stuck 'exploring' these giant ass huge worlds, scoping and scanning down 'every' single last inch of these bloody places
a must to even scratch the surface of the huge palace complex with its innumerable fountains, hammamet and courtyards
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the FBI created a standardized DNA audit guide (Guide), with input from the Board, ASCLD-LAB, and NFSTC, to ensure that auditors of local, state, and federal DNA laboratories are thorough and interpret the quality assurance standards consistently. The FBI offers Guide training for auditors, including those representing accrediting and certifying organizations such as ASCLD-LAB and NFSTC. For an audit to fulfill the quality assurance standards' external audit requirement, it must be conducted in accordance with the Guide and by an auditor trained in its use.
a thorough breakdown of some aspect of the WoW game or even covering something to do with this website
A person who escorts the auditor during the audit
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an early hypertext system developed for PCs
a hypertext system marketed by OWL (Office Workstations Ltd.) that includes scrolling and note capabilities
Guide was a hypertext system originally developed by Peter Brown at the University of Kent in 1982. The original Guide implementation was for Three Rivers PERQ workstations running Unix. The Guide system was also the first hypertext system to be sold commercially, starting with the formation of Office Workstations Ltd. in 1984.
a necessity in some protected areas where you are not allowed unaccompanied such as the Sierra de San Francisco rock art sites in Baja California, or turtle-breeding beaches on the Tamaulipas coast, or the EI Triunfo cloud forest in Chiapas
a necessity since there is no lighting
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Rollers or slides used to control the movement of rigging devices in tracks or on stretched cables.
Metal rings, usually bent pieces of wire along the length of the fly rod to ease the release of line during casting and to distribute the stress of a fish along the entire length of the rod.
To control the movement of rigging devices by means of slides or rollers moving in tracks or on stretched cables.
a basic reference to assist State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) in selecting effective, science-based traffic safety countermeasures for major highway safety problem areas
a highly trained person who assists with monitoring SPCN registered chatrooms
a person who assists another person to hunt (s
A self-employed expert outdoors man or woman who should've been hired prior to taking the trip of a lifetime to a new destination.
a great investment for any fishing trip
an Instructor, Assistant Instructor or Divemaster leading a trip
a constant in visitors' hands and brings us many happy travellers
a deceased loved one
a person willing to answer questions about their study abroad experience and or travels
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Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. Manual of standards for animal care and use developed under the auspices of the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research.
a comprehensive and well written manual detailing important concepts in solid waste management
a how-to manual designed for those programs in the beginning or planning stages of drug courts
a continual,benevolent, protective supermundane influence. The term is morecomprehensive than "control" as the latter may apply to any chancecommunicator who gets through. See Control.
Keywords:  excellent, mba, era, academic, resource
an excellent and highly recommended addition to academic library reference resources, with its entries arranged by era and complete with an index for easy reference
an excellent centralized information resource for helping prospective students find their way to your MBA program
an excellent place to start
a lot like a folder where you can keep Feeds
an invaluable asset in the winding, twisting alleys of both Fes and Marrakech
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A finding aid that describes the holdings of the repository and their relationship to each other. Guides may describe the entire holdings of the archives or focus on particular subjects, times, or places.
A finding aid which briefly describes and indicates the holdings of a particular library. May also be limited to the description of library holdings relating to particular subjects, periods or geographical areas.
TLDP documents that are too long to be a HOWTO are usually stored as guides. These are more like entire books that treat a particular subject in-dept.
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A grooved director for a probe or knife.
a knife is attached to bend or wooden base to set buck knife alpha hunter clocks back one hour
a supplement but not a substitute
HUD statements used to provide pertinent program participants with material of an advisory nature; generally, guides supplement or augment handbook issuances.
a collection of thoughts which you can read in any order you desire
a must-read for anyone attempting to perform on televi
a must-read for anyone attempting to perform on television
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someone who shows the way by leading or advising
a good way to come close to an accurate dollar value
a must and make sure the taxi driver drops you off at the top of Ephesus and waits for you at the bottom car park not the other way around as this would mean you walking all uphill not good in the heat
A linear walkthrough narrative of the discovery process during an alternate reality game. Term coined by AdrianHon..tôp.
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guide or pass over something; "He ran his eyes over her body"; "She ran her fingers along the carved figurine"; "He drew her hair through his fingers"
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See AmigaGuide.
a pollution prevention tool for paints and coating users
a site with the analytical tool to determine whether your business and the Internet are compatible
Sometimes known in Birmingham as the "Black Mark". The small stylus which is set next to the cutting tool and which follows the work surface regulating the cut depth.
Keywords:  oar, paddle, captain, steers, crew
The person who steers the boat down the river, giving paddle commands to the crew (paddle captain), or rowing (oar captain).
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1. A part used to align an assembly or another part. 2. The support for a valve stem in the head.
a green line that you create to use as a rule for measuring and aligning objects
The portion of a valve used to guide the disc. ( 055
Guide - someone who 'guides' an angler, usually for a fee, to various places to fish and instucts the angler in technique for the local area.
In lithography, press part, which allows registration by arresting and squaring sheet before being caught by grippers.
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a must or follow a buggy
A detailed description of a number of data sets and related entities, containing information suitable for making a determination of the nature of each data set and its potential usefulness for a specific application. Source: ESADS, IWGDMGC.
a must to be able to visit some of the more interesting locations within the valley, and Tom is highly experienced in working with photographers
a very handy means of communication with the photographer
It is a suite to create interfaces for production system supervisory and control. It aim to be in the final release a SCADA system entirely written in Java language to provide the maximum portability.
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a little high, IMO
an extension of Sharpening" indicate that stainless steel knives hold an edge better than regular steels
someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
a person who has made his own path in the forest and is living out the experience that the teacher only has knowledge of
Keywords:  documentary, dutch, roots
a documentary on Dutch roots
a great one) for more information on quoting and citing properly to avoid plagiarism
a short and simple explanation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and how the public can use it to access government records
Helps students learn by modeling, mediating, explaining, etc.
a explaination on how to do a certain thing
a line that is used to place objects
an object that captures a traversal scheme through an object structure
an object that changes points so that they line up better to make a nice looking diagram
An assembly, bolted to the upper end of the cylinder, which centers the plunger in the cylinder.
Keywords:  techies, want, audio, own, site
a reference for techies who want to put audio on their own Web site
a resource for nongovernmental organizations on how to apply for and make efficient use of funding for HIV/AIDS programs and activities
A non-printing line used to aid the positioning of text or graphics.
Keywords:  kids, families, ages
a must for families with kids of all ages
In the Desktop documentation, the word "guide" usually refers to an Interactive Guide (like a "wizard"), which is a program that steps you through a task.
an insider's look at where and how Palestinians live today
Keywords:  mystery, thousand, ten, kinds, natural
a mystery among the ten-thousand natural kinds
Keywords:  climb, submit
a must for the climb to the submit
Keywords:  volunteer, player
a volunteer player
Keywords:  bulletin, heart
a bulletin from the heart
a soul of considerable evolution who has lived many lives on the Earth and understands the nature and the restrictions of physical life
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a must in New Zealand
Guidance for Users of Integrated Data processing Equipment. For many years, an international user group for users of large IBM equipment. Main GUIDE interests were in applications and the commercial world. Depending on the area of the world, either stepped aside for SHARE or merged with SHARE. See also International User Group Council.
a good idea as much of history and symbolism is not immediately apparent
a good place to start
a requirement because the history and stories of the region cannot be well depicted in a book
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See "recognition guide."
Keywords:  whole
h2g2 as a whole.
Keywords:  select, letter, return, word, specials
a selected man
Select first letter of word: 0-9 [return to guide] [home page] [specials
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a compilation of current
A pipe support utilized to restrict the lateral movement of a piping system at a certain location.
a model or standard for making comparisons
Keywords:  employed, conduct, someone, others
someone employed to conduct others
Keywords:  primary, entity, job, look, non
a non-physical entity whose primary job is to look after you
something that offers basic information or instruction
Keywords:  strong, pain, reducer
a strong pain reducer
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1/4£»²Ù×Ý improve¸Ä1/2
an especially well-maintained site, with the most current information on search engines
Keywords:  energy, take, forms
an energy that can take many forms
Keywords:  planning, document
a planning document
Keywords:  lights
use as a guide; "They had the lights to guide on"