Definitions for "guaranteed"
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Guaranteed, released in 1992, is the third solo album by R&B singer Morris Day. Released five years after his previous album, Guaranteed is a notable step away from previous efforts. Focusing on hip-hop, the album has much more input from outside producers and composers.
Most Term Assurance come with guaranteed premiums, which means that once the plan has been accepted by the insurer, then the premiums would not alter. However some contracts have “reviewable premiums” which means that the insurer may if necessary alter the premiums at a later date.
A loan is considered guaranteed (approved for disbursement) once all information on the Application and Promissory Note has met ED and guarantor requirements.
secured by written agreement.
Refers to securities that have a guarantee, from a source other than the issuer; as to payment of principal, interest, or dividend.
A security that has a guarantee, from a source other than the issuer, as to payment of principal, interest, or dividends.
A guaranteed payment is one that will be either received by the annuitant if he/she is alive or by his/her beneficiary if the annuitant is deceased. The term is synonymous with "certain". To the top
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