Definitions for "GSM"
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Global System for Mobile Communications Mobile communications standard. Deployed worldwide in more than 400 networks, in over 170 countries.
See: Global System for Mobile communications
Groupe Spécial Mobile (Special Mobile Group, see ETSI)
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Abbreviation of grams per square metre. A method of indicating or measuring the weight or thickness of a sheet of paper.
Or Grammage. The weight per unit of paper, measured in grams per square metre. It is worth remembering, if you buy a lot paper, that it is a measurement of weight, not thickness or strength. A Kraft, which is relatively dense and with long strong fibres, will be thinner than a bulkier, less dense Art of the same GSM. The Kraft is likely to be stronger, but the Art may well exhibit more bulk and be more rigid.
The gram weight of one square meter of paper.
Gsm Grupo de Supercondutividade e Magnetismo
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13 20 RPE LTP
10:1 audio codec that works with 16-bit audio. Not available cross-platform for QuickTime at the time this manual was created. Go back to the top of the page
A compressed speech codec that uses a rate of 13 kbps. See also: CODEC, G.711, G.729
Compressed WAV format. Good for keeping of human speech.
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Gradient Silver Mirror
General Sales Manager. General Sales Manager of the Foreign Agricultural Service. This office administers the export credit guarantee programs ( GSM-102 and GSM-103), the export enhancement program, the P.L. 480 program, and other USDA export assistance programs.
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Graduate School of Management
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Good Sound Merchantable