Definitions for "grunt"
A U. S. infantryman; -- used especially of those fighting in the war in Vietnam.
affectionate name for infantry soldiers or "ground pounders"-stands for "ground replacement usually not trained".
an unskilled or low-ranking soldier or other worker; "infantrymen in Vietnam were called grunts"; "he went from grunt to chairman in six years"
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To make a deep, short noise, as a hog; to utter a short groan or a deep guttural sound.
A deep, guttural sound, as of a hog.
Any one of several species of American food fishes, of the genus Hæmulon, allied to the snappers, as, the black grunt (A. Plumieri), and the redmouth grunt (H. aurolineatus), of the Southern United States; -- also applied to allied species of the genera Pomadasys, Orthopristis, and Pristopoma. Called also pigfish, squirrel fish, and grunter; -- so called from the noise it makes when taken.
The grunt library combines the high performance of C++ with the safety and predictability of functional programming. Includes a transactional database and message based IPC. It is designed for networked servers and many other kinds of applications.
One who can be persuaded by any means (promises, deception, love, coercion) to stay on the ground and provide a safety belay for a procession of climbers. Also the person who follows the leader cleaning up the gear. Termed due to the grunting/groveling sounds imminating from the follower while trying to get that bomber nut out
a very difficult climb, requiring use of the granny gear.
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Fruit topped with biscuit dough, covered, and baked so that biscuits steam rather than bake. Also called a slump.
a stewed or baked fruit dish
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Grunt: The Game of Tactical Level Combat in Viet Nam was a tactical level board wargame released by Simulations Publications Inc. as part of the magazine Strategy & Tactics, released as part of issue #26 in 1971. The game was designed by John Young.
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Pure power. The amount of pull generated by a kite when riding. "Dude, that kite has grunt". Can also be sued to describe a newbie, "what a grunt!".
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Colloquialism for torque.
(slang) A common laborer or an apprentice lineman.
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Grunt is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe series.
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Any member of TOFOG, the band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts
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A type of vocalization used by bucks.