Definitions for "GRP"
See fibreglass.
Glass Reinforcement Plastic - a type of fibreglass.
Glassfibre-Reinforced Plastic.
Gross Regional Product
Gross Rating Point. Often used as a measure of the overall weight of an advertising campaign. One rating point is numerically equivalent to one per cent of the population. See also TVR.
The sum of the ratings of the individual media buys that make up an advertising schedule. It is calculated as the number of spots multiplied by the average rating.
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Green Pearl GSP = Gaspeite
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Group Risk Protection. A form of crop insurance available in certain parts of the country that makes an indemnity payment to all participating crop farmers in a particular area when the entire county's crop production is a certain percentage below the normal production level of the county. This differs from the basic crop insurance program that makes payments to participating farmers when the individual farmer's own crop yield is less than the producer's normal yield.
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Group (file name extension)
Group format. Windows file that groups together objects or other files.
GROUP FILE A Windows program group file
Guidance Replacement Program
Guideline Review Panel
Good Review Practice
Graphical Range Planning - tool used in fashion merchandising.