Definitions for "Growl "
Keywords:  grumble, rumbling, utter, dog, guttural
To utter a deep guttural sound, as an angry dog; to give forth an angry, grumbling sound.
The deep, threatening sound made by a surly dog; a grumbling sound.
the sound of growling (as made by animals)
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a bite that hasn't connected yet" The Monks of New Skete What Is Your Opinion Canine Professionals Only Please Information Sheets A variety of informations sheets on canine behavior and training are available from Paws 'N Pals
a bite that hasn't happened yet
a bite that just hasn't connected yet
Growl is a global notification system for Mac OS X. Any application can send a notification to Growl, which will display an attractive message on your screen.
a notification system for Mac OS X, allowing you to receive notifications from other applications without you having to switch from the current application.
A Mac OS X third party global alerting system. It is used by many Mac instant messengers to display events, such as when a contact signs in, a conversation starts, or nearly any action depending on the messenger.
a universal vocalization
a vocalization that signifies antagonistic intent and shouldn't be taken lightly
A musical effect in which the player vocalizes through his instrument to emulate a growl
Keywords:  trumpet, vibrant, notes
vibrant notes from a trumpet.
Keywords:  express
To express by growling.