Definitions for "Grouting"
Keywords:  crevices, slurry, cement, drill, mortar
A thin mortar used to seal the joints between tiles. Heritage Paint Color: New paint created to match antique or vintage paint colors.
The process of sealing off a water flow in rocks by forcing a thin slurry of cement or other chemicals into the crevices; usually done through a diamond drill hole.
The pouring of grout.
The process of filling in or finishing with grout; also, the grout thus filled in.
Grouting is the process of filling the gaps between tiles with grout - to ensure a waterproof finish.
filling of the annular space between the host pipe and the carrier pipe. Grouting is also used to fill the space around laterals and between the new pipe and manholes. Other uses of grouting are for localized repairs of defective pipes and ground improvement prior to excavation during new installations.