Definitions for "Groups"
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The seven categories of dog recognized by the AKC-Sporting, Hound, Terrier, Working, Toy, Non-Sporting, and Herding.
The breeds as grouped into seven divisions by the AKC to facilitate judging. The seven groups are: sporting, hound, working, toy, terrier, non-sporting, and herding.
The breeds as grouped according to Kennel Club classification.
A group of eBay members who share common interests. As a group member, you can participate in discussions, newsletters, polls, calendars and photo albums. Also, you can create and grow your own community. Go to the Group Center.
Generally related to security; a category of users who have access to certain data, or have a category of privileges specific to a certain groups. Inbox - A folder in Personal Catalog which will receive notification of completion of reports.  The notification will contain an URL to view the completed report.
groups display a user's group memberships
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combinations of numbers that a player selects in Keno by enclosing them with their pencil. igh Roller - a big bettor.
combinations of numbers that a player selects in Keno by separating them from other numbers with circles or lines
A combination of numbers separated from other numbers either by circles or lines.
a leader in supplying all kinds of minerasl, minning and gemstones types
Instructors and site leaders can create study groups, project teams, and other non-official subsets of worksite participants; see Managing groups. | | | | | | | J | K | | | | | | | | | | | X | Y | Z
When four or more people playing together.
A group consists of 10 or more people attending the same show. Tickets are purchased together as one transaction at a group rate of ususally 10% off.
Network Installation Management (NIM) permits machines to be grouped together so that NIM operations may be easily directed at multiple targets. Similarly, NIM permits resources to be grouped together and allocated as a logical unit to NIM targets.
OrgPublisher includes the very powerful ability to search for and create organization charting Groups from your data. Save simple or complex search criteria for use again in future queries.
The collection of spot maps relating to image pairs whose sample images have undergone exactly the same experimental conditions (e.g. 3 spot maps of samples from disease patients treated with drug A at a specific dose is a single group).
Allows the grouping of certain departments under an overall group, title or description for ease of report analysis.
A mix of two or more signals (channels) treated as a set that can be varied in overall level from a single control.
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The groups of elements in the periodic table are the elements which have the same number of electrons in their outer shells and so have similar chemical properties. A group of elements all lie in same column in the periodic table. Classifying materials
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see newsgroups
a free service for communication and collaboration between members of the
a members-only service