Definitions for "GROUP 3"
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Digital transmission standard for fax devices
Standard created by the International Telecommunication Union Telecommunications relating to Fax devices. A Group 3 fax device is a digital machine containing a 14400 baud modem that can send an 8 1/2 by 11-inch page in approximately 20 seconds with a resolution of either 203 by 98 dots per inch or 203 by 196 dpi - fine - using Huffman code to compress fax data.
Refers to the ITU specification for fax machines that use digital encoding. Encoding methods for Group 3 fax machines include MH (Modified Huffman), MR (Modified Read) and MMR (Modified Modified Read). If a fax is said to be "Group 3 compatible" this means that the unit will communicate with virtually all other installed fax machines. A Group 3 fax machine equipped with a 33.6 Kbps modem can transmit a page at 3 seconds per page (based on the ITU-T Test Chart #1 in Standard resolution, and not including the handshake). Older analog Group 1 and Group 2 fax machines are obsolete.
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