Definitions for "GROOVES"
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See rifling.
Swaged impressions or cuts spiraled through a bore to rotate projectiles.
the spiral part of the bore that is removed from in-between the lands
The front and rear indentations (or troughs) between the boards and the spine.
Lateral - drain water to sides of the tyre. Circumferential - evacuate water to the rear of the tyre or "store" it. The number of grooves increases as the tyre width increases.
Lateral - drains water to sides of the tyre. Circumferential - evacuates water to the rear of the tyre or "stores" it. The number of grooves increases as the tyre width increases.
The parallel lines on a club face designed to keep the ball from running up the face.
the score lines or lateral slot-shaped depression on the face of most clubs (mostly irons) that impart backspin to a ball. Grooves used to be V-shapped but they changed to U-shaped in the early eighties which imparts more backspin and allows more control of the ball for advanced golfers.
are the lines cut into the face of a golf club. They are also known as scoring lines. These grooves serve two purposes: 1. they put more backspin on the golf ball allowing it to get airborne. 2. They also move grass and debris off the face at impact with the ball.
Depressions-helical or parallel-in the surface of a sheave or drum that are shaped to position and support the rope.
Depressions in the periphery of a sheave or drum for positioning and supporting a rope Peening - Permanent distortion of outside wire in a rope caused by pounding
Grooves is an American electronic music magazine founded in 1998 by editor Sean Portnoy, initially concentrating on the then-burgeoning IDM music genre and expanding to its more experimental, abstract offshoots, such as microsound, microhouse and glitch, eventually encompassing a global view of musicians and cross-cultural influences that is reflected in coverage of jungle, two-step, avant rap, broken beat and other offbeat new music.
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Long narrow milled out areas along the sides of the blade to allow the blade to bypass the wards in the keyway.
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Guide channels cut into the ice at the starting area, allowing a sled to follow a straight line during the process of pushing and loading.