Definitions for "GRoG"
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A mixture of spirit and water not sweetened; hence, any intoxicating liquor.
Originally a mixture of rum and water that was issued to sailors in the Royal Navy and later improved with the addition of lime juice and sugar. Now a Grog is any kind of drink, usually made with a rum base, fruit, and various sweeteners, and served either hot or cold in a large mug or glass. Reputedly named after Admiral Edward Vernon, who was called "Old Grog" because of the grogram cape he wore.
hot rum
First fired and ground clay granules of clay. It is added to clays to reduce shrinkage after firing.
Fired, crushed and ground clay added to modify a clay body. You can buy grog in certain mesh sizes such as 30 to 60 for handbuilding or 60 to dust for finer work.
Fired clay ground to various mesh sizes.
Grog the God-Slayer is fictional character in the Marvel Universe, and a member of the Heliopolitan race of gods.
Generic Roster Generator. GRoG automates the process, often complex and error prone, that every boardgames and wargames player knows very well: the construction of rosters.
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a tankard of ale; rhymes with Prog: food.
Ceramic material which has heated to a high temperature before use and predominantly inert.