Definitions for "Grits"
Ground hominy (corn) .
Though the word "grits" can refer to any coarsely ground grain, it is commonly used to mean hominy grits. Grits may be cooked in water or milk, usually by boiling or baking. Grits are usually eaten as a cereal or side dish. See: Grits Recipes
Usually a breakfast item in the US Southern region. Made from the kernel of corn. When corn has been soaked in lye and the casing has been removed it becomes Hominy. The lye is rinsed out very well and the corn is left to harden. Then the swollen hominy is ground up to the texture of tiny pellets. When boiled with water, milk and butter it becomes a cereal similar to cream of wheat. It's used as a side dish for a good old fashioned Southern breakfast. Sometimes you can make it with cheese and garlic for a casserole.
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Unreacted particles of lime removed from the slaker.