Definitions for "Grill"
To torment, as if by broiling.
To undergo the process of being grilled, or broiled; to broil.
A grill is made up of an electrical element or elements and which can be used for grilling, browning and warming foods. It can be situated in the main cavity of the oven or can also come as a separate feature in the form of a double oven.
A figure of crossed bars with interstices, such as those sometimes impressed upon postage stamps.
To stamp or mark with a grill.
1.) a device with a waffle-like pattern of parallel rows of raised points that is used to break the paper fiber of stamps 2.) the waffle-like pattern of raised, broken points on a stamp, created by a grilling device. Certain 19th century stamps were grilled as a security device. By breaking the fibers of a stamp's paper it was hoped to make the ink used in cancellations more completely absorbed and thus harder to wash out.
a mouthpiece that fits over the teeth
a removable mouthpiece that covers the teeth with gold, platinum, silver, and jeweled inlays
In Hip hop culture, the term grills refers to cosmetic dental metal apparatus featuring silver, gold, or platinum caps with diamond inlays (usually princess-cut diamonds) jewelled to be worn over the teeth. Grills rose to prominence with Dirty South rappers in the 2000s as a symbol of their wealth and success, but earlier rappers such as Big Daddy Kane, Flavor Flav, and Kool G. Rap also wore them.
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A gridiron.
The grill (Polish: ruszt), in cryptology, was a method used, chiefly early on, by the mathematician-cryptologists of the Polish Cipher Bureau in decrypting German Enigma machine ciphers.
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a fine dining room in a rustic setting with its own wine cellar
A louvered, often decorative, component in an air system at the inlet or the outlet of the air flow.
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the fabric on the speaker covering the drivers. Totally useless piece of the speaker that does nothing but kill the sound coming out. Speaker companies put them on just so they can make fun of all those that don't remove them.
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system of bars closing central-area (e.g. Emiliania).
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On a ceiling fan, the lower part of the housing, which has many different designs.
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Alternate spelling of "Grille."
a great choice for any health-related application
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a must have for a single person, couple, or in addition to a larger model
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a definite must have
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a security measure that was applied to some U
A grillroom.